Alloy launches successful new business for women over 40 powered by Capable

Learn how Alloy launched their virtual care service in less than 8 weeks time.

Alloy launches successful new business for women over 40 powered by Capable


Today, there are 55 million people in menopause in the United States alone, and nearly 75% of them are not being treated. Alloy was founded in 2020 to bring safe and effective solutions to every woman over 40 — so that she can live her best life. 

Alloy wanted to be in the business of helping women navigate this time in her life. The founders, Anne Fulenwider and Monica Molenaar, were seasoned operators looking to pair their branding and subject matter expertise with a partner that understood the technical and compliance landscape to make standing up a complex virtual care delivery model seamless.


Alloy's intake survey built using Capable's questionnaire engine.

Alloy used Capable’s care delivery and management platform to build out their entire end-to-end prescription flow for members — from intake survey to personalized product recommendation to receiving a prescribed menopause product.

How Alloy uses the Capable platform: 

  • Alloy’s intake survey was built using Capable’s questionnaire engine to author and manage questionnaires. This powers the backend of the survey to be flexible, while maintaining Alloy’s unified brand identity on the frontend. In addition, it allows Alloy to track metrics from intake survey through care as answers are logged over time in Capable Health’s HIPAA compliant backend. 
  • Depending on intake survey responses, Alloy provided personalized product recommendations tailored to their members — without a single line of code. They used Capable’s workflow builder, a visual editor to automate custom member workflows, saving their practitioners’ time and ensuring standardized recommendations that came from their knowledgeable clinical team.
  • From a suite of best-in-class integrations, Capable helped Alloy identify the doctor network and pharmacy partners to most effectively prescribe, fulfill, and track products, ensuring they reached their members where they were. Instead of building and maintaining custom integrations, Alloy could deploy these Capable integrations with a push of a button to power their prescription journey. All this data is captured within the secure Capable portal, giving Alloy’s admins a clear window into their entire member’s virtual care journey. 


With Capable’s platform and dedicated implementation support, Alloy was able to launch their first virtual care service providing personalized menopause products in less than 8 weeks time saving 80% of development time. 

Capable’s integrations help Alloy effectively e-prescribe to women in all 50 states. Alloy saw incredible growth of active members since the launch of their virtual care service. The personalized prescription recommendations eliminated 95% of the doctor network back and forth with members. 

Join Alloy, build with Capable

Capable Health empowers healthcare innovators to provide affordable, personalized, quality care at scale. We’ve developed the all-in-one care delivery and management platform enabling providers to launch and scale their own HIPAA-compliant digital health solution — with a fraction of the time, money and code. 

Capable Health takes the guesswork out of building a virtual care service. We enable you to create scalable, personalized digital health solutions that close care gaps and put your patients first. Book a meeting with the Capable team today.

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