Cleared delivers personalized product recommendations with flexible questionnaires from Capable

Better allergy product recommendations on a compliant backend — without tech debt.

Cleared delivers personalized product recommendations with flexible questionnaires from Capable


Seasonal allergy suffering can cost $16,000 over a patient’s lifetime and is the sixth leading cause of chronic illness. Cleared, which is part of LifeMD, offers direct-to-patient allergy care leveraging patient-centric experiences to deliver allergy relief at lower costs. 

With a strong brand, Cleared quickly grew to thousands of users with great reviews. Underneath their success lay a hairy technical problem: their recommendation system (fondly dubbed the “quiz engine”) was completely custom and couldn’t scale to meet user needs.

In a highly competitive environment, Cleared needed to iterate quickly on their product offerings. Their quiz engine required a rebuild in a matter of weeks, not months, with an A/B testing interface that the product marketing team could use.


Cleared's intake survey built using Capable's questionnaire API.

Without having to touch the patient experience, Cleared completely replaced their quiz engine backend with Capable’s Questionnaire API. With a unified platform for their patient data, Cleared now takes advantage of Capable’s product recommendation engine to quickly iterate on new product lines.

How Cleared uses the Capable platform:

  • Cleared’s engineers replaced their legacy CMS and backend with Capable’s Questionnaire API, prioritizing speed and iteration to win in the direct-to-patient allergy space.  
  • Cleared’s care teams crafted new questionnaires and workflows using Capable’s no-code visual editor, with zero product or engineering support required. Questionnaire data seamlessly flows into the Capable backend. 
  • Depending on responses, the Cleared care team used Capable’s product recommendation engine to match patients to more effective products before sending a request off to Cleared’s doctor network for e-prescribing.
  • Because of Capable’s API-first approach, Cleared seamlessly integrated their existing tech stack with Capable and maintained a unified patient record.


Cleared re-launched their quiz engine without any disruption to the patient experience, while freeing up desperately needed engineering time from maintaining existing systems.

With this scalable infrastructure in place, Cleared introduced a brand new business line for peanut allergies, launching the service months faster than it would have taken prior to being powered by Capable.

Cleared’s rapid growth made them an attractive acquisition target. Shortly after re-launching with Capable and introducing a new business line, publicly-traded telehealth company, LifeMD, acquired Cleared.

Join Cleared, build with Capable

Capable Health empowers healthcare innovators to provide affordable, personalized, quality care at scale. We’ve developed the all-in-one care delivery and management platform enabling providers to launch and scale their own HIPAA-compliant digital health solution — with a fraction of the time, money and code. 

Capable Health takes the guesswork out of building a virtual care service. We enable you to create scalable, personalized digital health solutions that close care gaps and put your patients first. Book a meeting with the Capable team today.

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