Powerful data analytics platform to drive better outcomes

A unified, HIPAA-compliant data analytics platform, so you have all the insights to run your business. Use our library of report templates or create your own custom dashboards — and automate all levels of reporting. Built to be interoperable, so you can import your own data or extend with best-in-class BI and visualization platforms. Access to better data with Capable drives better healthcare outcomes.

Data and analytics for your whole team — from marketers to data analysts

  • A library of report templates, including product and user analytics
  • Data is remastered for ease of use across all skill levels
  • Complicated event data is transformed and made available for easy analysis

Easily track towards care and business goals by automating all levels of reporting

  • Set and automate your critical reporting — schedule dashboards to be shared at any time interval
  • Send to multiple destinations, including email, Slack, and S3

A unified data platform where you can import your own data and extend with BI tools

  • Use Capable’s Data Warehouse to consolidate your data lake
  • Bring your own KPIs to customize reporting that reflects your business goals
  • CDPs send user acquisition data to best-in-class BI and visualization platforms, including Looker

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