The first automation engine for personalized patient care at scale

Supercharge your practitioners and delight your patients with personalized care. Automate personalized patient workflows in our no-code automation engine, including advanced changing and branching workflow logic and a sleek, user-friendly visualizer. 

Visualize and build personalized care journeys, all without code

  • Create conditions based on your questionnaires or specific patient criteria
  • Clean, user-friendly experience for optimal visualization
  • Chaining and branching workflow logic

Automate care and save time via powerful end-to-end patient workflows

  • Automatically apply care plans, tasks or goals based on patient criteria, survey history and more
  • Recommend care objects and add weighting to outcomes, so practitioners can assign best option for care
  • Select from a variety of triggering events to kick off your workflows, such as survey responses, and patient observations
  • SMS and chat messaging automation 

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