Care planning


The best care planning tool to accelerate patient outcomes

Deliver purpose-built care plans tailored to your patients’ conditions and needs. Automate care plan delivery to scale your business, and track and monitor your patients’ progress towards care plan goals. Capable is designed to put patient outcomes first.

Design personalized care plans tailored to your patients

  • Create robust care plans working towards health and wellness targets, with personalized tasks and goals
  • Pre-built UI elements in Capable Care allows you to launch an engaging care planning interface for your patients, all without code
  • Multi-media support, including for videos and photo and documents

Apply best practices and standard protocols to your care plans

  • Standardize care with care plan templates tailored to subpopulations; for example, for tracking physical activity, nutrition, therapies, and measuring vitals like weight, sleep, blood pressure and mood
  • Use patients’ intake forms and encounters to automatically pull together or alter personalized care plans
  • Seamlessly connected to your patient charts

Monitor and track patient progress towards health goals

  • Set targets for your patients and view detailed trends over time
  • Customize how your patients track towards targets on a daily, weekly, or long-term basis with notifications and reminders
  • Monitor whether your patients are adhering to care plans in real-time

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