Patient charting


Intuitive, high-quality patient charting

Have an end-to-end view of your patient’s past and current medical history, in a unified and intuitive patient chart. Capture, manage, and refer to notes quickly without switching screens, with the flexibility to share charts securely and safely. With Capable, patient charting becomes 3x faster.

Uphold care continuity with high-quality patient charts

  • Robust patient profile with active and past medical history, lab results and medications plus comprehensive care plan history
  • View and manage patients’ past and upcoming appointments across every care team member
  • Easily reference past visit data and encounter notes

Seamless note-taking for every patient interaction

  • Capture notes about patients, as you’re communicating with them — all in the practitioner portal
  • Track billable encounters
  • Share notes with patients before or after sessions

Stay up-to-date with how your patients are doing 

  • 20,000+ observation types
  • Flexible observation model allows patients to share data as often as needed
  • Assess and analyze observation data over time, at any time

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