Customizable, patient-friendly surveys

Create branded and intuitive forms, surveys, and quizzes in minutes to improve patient onboarding, engagement and retention. Collect and use survey data with a unified view of the patient, so your practitioners can provide seamless longitudinal care that tracks towards health progress and goals.

The easiest way to design your branded surveys

  • 20+ survey field types
  • Turnkey survey frontend to customize with your brand
  • Intuitive, no-code survey editor

Automate workflows with smart logic to free up practitioners’ time

  • Use survey responses to pre-fill patient charts and notes
  • Branching logic to send your patients down the right care journey
  • Form completion tracked in real-time

Data-driven patient insights, right out of the box

  • Integrations with analytics tools like Freshpaint and Looker
  • Generate survey response reports with patient insights at your fingertips
  • Encrypted safety measures in place to safeguard your patients’ data and your business

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