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Optimize how your patients and practitioners make and coordinate care decisions, for even the most complex pathways and conditions.


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Seamless care navigation is essential to getting patients from first encounter to discharge. But patient data is currently siloed across different point solutions and providers, which prevents practitioners from having a whole picture of a patient to accurately diagnose, triage, and coordinate their care.

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Empower your patients to navigate complex healthcare decisions across providers. Capable’s API-powered platform gives you the unified business intelligence module and provider-to-provider communication tools to design, optimize and simplify how your practitioners and patients coordinate and navigate care.

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Seamless onboarding and care navigation

Administer surveys to get a rich picture of your patient’s conditions and needs, and navigate them to the right care — personalized and optimized for their conditions and needs. 

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Reliable coordination across your entire team

All the communication tools — including scheduling, messaging and video chat — that you need for high-touch coordination between your integrated care team and to build lasting relationships with your patient. 

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Automated workflows to enable care at scale

With a few clicks in our workflows engine, automate complex clinical workflows so you can run your care navigation business with minimal overhead.

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