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Augment your product and prescription lines with virtual care services that improve customer engagement and health outcomes.


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E-commerce health and wellness brands selling prescriptions and products find themselves on non-compliant software like Shopify, that prevents them from growing their businesses to offer healthcare services their customers are demanding.

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Capable’s API-powered platform integrates seamlessly with your existing e-commerce software to provide a unified data layer — all while being HIPAA compliant. With crisp business intelligence on your customers, you can now improve customer engagement and retention through targeted marketing, while expanding into new business lines like telehealth and coaching.

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Comprehensive toolkit to grow into virtual care

Launch your e-commerce brand into a serious virtual care provider with video chat services for telehealth consults and full-cycle revenue cycle management. 

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Best-in-class e-commerce and clinical integrations

Instantly activate 20+ integrations to supercharge your brand, including with popular e-commerce platforms and clinical partners handling e-prescription to doctor networks.

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Robust insights to track to members’ health goals

Our business intelligence module provides a unified, compliant view of member data across all product lines, to surface insights for member engagement and retention.

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