Home care

Enable seniors and patients with complex medical conditions to access high-touch virtual care — including messaging, video consultations, and e-prescription — from the comfort of their home.


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Home care providers are looking to seamlessly bring healthcare services into patients’ homes, often to treat chronic conditions. Yet, practitioners are inconvenienced and burnt out by the clunky user experience of legacy EHRs and the high cost and development timeline of a digital home-based care program.

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You can now build and scale your digital home-based care program in a few easy steps using Capable’s API-powered platform. Our platform gives your practitioners the scheduling, communications, and care plan tracking tools to monitor and deliver high-touch experiences right to where patients are — in their homes and on their electronic devices. 

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Practitioner tools for lasting patient relationships

Build high-touch relationships with your patients in the comfort of their own home, with advanced onboarding, scheduling, messaging and video chat features.

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Frictionless patient profiles and charting

Give your practitioners the state-of-the-art practitioner portal that provides a unified, compliant, and intuitive interface that your practitioners will love working and charting in.

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Best-in-class clinical integrations

Instantly activate 20+ clinical integrations to supercharge your home care business, from e-prescription to doctor networks.

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