Virtual clinic

Set up and run your virtual clinic with the high-touch experience patients are looking for — in days, not months.


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Patients want to access care virtually. Standing up and providing the same services online is difficult when using clunky legacy EHR systems meant for in-clinic care.

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Launch and grow your virtual clinic online in a few easy steps using Capable’s API-powered platform. Access our user-friendly clinical tools like scheduling, charting and billing in a unified portal, and deliver medications and labs to your patients’ door, all using Capable’s workflow automation engine to differentiate your business by designing a delightful patient experience.

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Practitioner tools for lasting patient relationships

Build high-touch relationships with your patients with advanced onboarding, scheduling, messaging and video chat features, customized for your clinic. 

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Frictionless patient profiles and charting

Give your practitioners the state-of-the-art practitioner portal that provides a unified, compliant, and intuitive interface that your practitioners will love working and charting in.

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Best-in-class, extensible clinical integrations

Instantly activate 20+ clinical integrations to supercharge your virtual clinic, from e-prescription to doctor networks.

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