Virtual coaching

Provide your patients with personalized, end-to-end coaching experiences from wherever they are — so they can reach their health goals.


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A personalized care plan tailored to the patient is at the core of every virtual coaching business. Yet, these businesses are forced to retrofit scrapped together vendors and legacy systems that aren’t designed to deliver compliant and delightful patient experiences.

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Using Capable’s API-powered platform, you can build, automate, and scale your virtual coaching business. Our workflow automation engine empowers you to design and guide patients through onboarding, setting health goals and tracking personalized plans — delivering care that’s both immediate and high-quality.

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Seamless onboarding and data collection

Author onboarding and sentiment surveys to get a rich picture of your patients and send them down personalized care pathways.

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The most advanced care planning tool

Based on your patients’ data and survey responses, provide them personalized care plans with to-dos, goal tracking, and product recommendations, all tailored to them. 

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Automated workflows to enable care at scale

In our no-code workflows engine, automate complex workflows, including care plan delivery and reminders, so your coaching business runs smoothly.

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